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Many of our patients wonder what the purpose of a crown is, and if they are candidates for this procedure. Crowns are a type of cosmetic restoration, but they also serve a structural function. This dental restorative improves the shape of a broken tooth or one weakened from decay while strengthening the tooth. At Progressive Dental Arts, we will examine your mouth and let you know if you are a good candidate for a crown. We recommend a crown if it is obvious your tooth is not able to support a filing. In some cases, we may suggest a partial crown, called an onlay, instead of a full crown.
How Are Crowns Applied?
The application of a crown is not as bad as it may sound. The procedure is relatively straightforward and offers numerous of benefits. To begin, we will adhere the crown to your existing tooth, going to great lengths to ensure that the section above the gum line is covered. Once this is completed, the crown becomes the new outside surface of your tooth.
What Type of Material Are Crowns Made Out Of?
Crowns are made from one of two materials: metal or porcelain. Sometimes we may choose to use a crown made of both materials; however, most of the dentists in our practice favor working with porcelain crowns. Not only is this a stronger material, but its natural translucency imitates the color of your natural teeth.
What Is the Procedure for Getting a Crown?
Crowns require, at a minimum, at least two visits to the dentist. The first visit is the preparation part of the process. Because crowns are made at a dental lab away from our offices, we have to make a mold of your tooth first to be sent to the lab. This tooth impression helps the lab technician create a crown that will function according to your jaw’s movements and bite.
To learn more about crowns, contact Progressive Dental Arts today. While we can’t help you achieve royal status, we certainly can make sure your fillings and teeth are protected.